SHIRTS THAT SAVE LIVES!!! Well, not really. But they're pretty BADASS!

About us

So I met this gorgeous girl at a concert. I was completely infatuated with her beauty.  In spite of the 47 million red flags, we got married like 6 months later.  Whoops!  So a couple months into the 5 second marriage ;-) , we take a road trip to her family’s place for Thanksgiving.  There we were, all alone, just the two of us…..15 hour drive.  A couple hours into the drive, after making several attempts to talk and be affectionate, I realize she hadn’t said a single word to me, she hadn’t touched me and she hadn’t even looked at me.  Not only that, she had also put her headphones in, to listen to her own music!  WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT! (Which was my T-shirt idea WAY before the movie came out! Ha!) So I decided to test the theory, which was that this hot chick had absolute ZERO interest in me, whatsoever.  So I didn’t say anything either.  I didn’t touch her.  I just drove…..and drove…..and drove…..and drove.  15 hours later, we arrived.  This damn hottie didn’t say a word, didn’t hold my hand or rub my forearm, and didn’t even offer to drive for a little bit!  My mind completely blown, I decided to test the theory again on the way home.  Same shit, different day.  Who lets their loved one drive for 30 hours without offering to help?  I’m still baffled. lol  I was so damn mad!  Thinking, “This road trip sucks,” “I don’t like her,” “I hate her family,”  “you want her hot or sweet?  Cuz ya can’t have both!,” "Can't believe I thought marriage would fix everything," "Praise The Lord we didn't have a baby to fix everything," and “But that ass tho!” Baha

Then it happened! LIGHTBULB!!  An epiphany!!!  All of these terribly shitty thoughts I am having about this sexy punk will make excellent T-shirts! Ha!  So I pulled out my phone and started typing my ideas.  10 straight hours while driving, sorry Mom ;-) , I typed up every sarcastic, cruel and unusual T-shirt idea I could come up with…all inspired by this Godforsaken relationship that I was traumatically enduring.  By the time we got home, I had about 200 T-shirt ideas , the divorce papers downloaded, and the name of my business….Naked Aggression!  Life was starting to look pretty damn good! Ha!

So here we are! Check out my shirts and stuff!  I think you’ll like’em! ;-)

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